Common settings app for Ubuntu Studio

Andrew Hunter andrew at
Sun Dec 2 13:21:48 GMT 2007

Toby Smithe wrote:
> On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 00:50 +0000, Andrew Hunter wrote:
>> An update on the progress of ubuntustudio-controls. There has been a 
>> project page opened on launchpad [1]. Currently the only code written is 
>> a generic class for finding, adding and updating strings on arbitrary 
>> files. With this in place it will be simple for the gui to implement the 
>> requested functionality via instancing the class and passing on the 
>> required information. The development branch is available from LP [2].
> Excellent; I will take a look at that code this weekend.

Any questions, just drop me a line. :)

>> Toby, I also saw the bug you filed regarding alsa and -controls. If 
>> there is already an application in development to do this, then great. I 
>> would be happy to render whatever assistance I can. Perhaps you should 
>> take a look at and see if it is applicable to the 
>> situation.
> As above.
>> Also, on IRC crimsun mentioned that:
>> [00:30] < crimsun> well, the script itself is already deprecated [thanks 
>> to PulseAudio]
>> iirc, that was in regards to asoundconf-ui. Is this the case?
> Well. I'm sure there will still be cases where users will want to bypass
> PulseAudio for the time being. They will then be required to specify a
> default sound card in the current manner. I'm not sure how latency is
> with Pulse/JACK in combination - and I'm not set up currently to find
> out - but I'm sure it can't be brilliant, so there is one use case.

That would be an interesting case to test.

> Of course, whilst JACK can be configured to use whatever sound card is
> wanted, other media applications do not provide this flexibility, and
> why force users to resort to alien cryptic terminal functionality, when
> it's simple enough to provide a GUI?

A simple and effective interface requires a fair amount of thought and 
design on the part of the developer. :P If in the case of asoundconf-ui, 
you already know what you would need to do, great!



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