Where we are now. (IRC meeting for December 2nd 2007 is canceled.)

Cory K. coryisatm at nc.rr.com
Sat Dec 1 20:30:32 GMT 2007

IRC meeting for December 2nd 2007 is canceled but here are some status

Cory K. wrote:
> This is the amended list of Ideas/Decisions that came out of out team
> meeting on Sunday. It includes who specific tasks were assigned to.
> Thanx to all who attended. It was a very productive meeting.
> 1) New Packages
>  * liquid-resize-plugin - (jussi01)

This was absorbed into the gimp-plugins-registry package and is in Hardy

>  * wired - (tsmthe "On hold")
>  * alsa-firmware (get into restricted modules) - (tsmthe)
No change in status.

>  * gigedit - (AstralJava)

Need update in status.

>  * freemix - (luisbg)
>  * openlibs - (rexbron)
>  * jbatch - (rexbron)

Waiting on upstream issues to be solved.

>  * genpo - (rexbron)

This is has made it into Hardy. Nice going Andrew. ;)

> 2) Packages to look out for will be handled by a script that Joe will
> create. It will show the Gutsy version vs. Debian (sid) vs. Hardy.
>  * The job of reviewing this list will be assigned to someone. (Jussi
> and AstralJava will handle this)

Joe has finished all the this but because of server issues hasn't
brought it online yet. Should be up soon.

> 3) Recruitment. (not this cycle)
> 4) Get guys on a MOTU path. (syncs/merges and such) (TheMuso has a hand
> on this)
> 5) What do we do with our PPA?
>  * It was decided we will use it as our own playful,crackfull testing space.

No change.

> 6) Go over our package descriptions to standardize the use of "Ubuntu
> Studio" in them.
>  * ie: No Ubuntustudio or UbuntuStudio or Ubuntu-Studio. Always "Ubuntu
> Studio". (luisbg will handle this)

Done and uploaded.

> 7) Remove unneeded files from our art packages.
>  * There looks to be duplicate files. (TheMuso will do this)

Done and uploaded.

> 8) Edit meta descriptions to fix how they are displayed in our Tasksel
> options. (Will need testing. Revert if it doesnt work.)

Not implemented yet.

> 9) Backport important packages. (keep backports in mind for packages
> users would want and file the needed bug.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BackportRequestProcess)
> 10) For modification of Ubuntu packages that we work on, we will now use
> "Ubuntu Studio Developers <ubuntu-studio-devel at lists.ubuntu.com>"
> instead of MOTU now.

Nothing to report.

> **OTHER**
> 1) "Review video editors to possibly move from PiTiVi." (rexbron will be
> gathering intel)

Work is progressing.

> 2) How far do we diverge form Debian?
>  * This will be evaluated based on the versions of packages in
> Ubuntu/Debian/upstream and what features/fixes the updates bring.
> 3) Wubi support. (Decision is "No" but do testing.)
>  * Preformance issues?
>  * Presentation?
>  * Leaning toward No.

No change to report.

> 4) Compiz support. (Take this to the LinuxAudio ML)
>  * Drawing the windows will cause less xruns.
>  * Would have to ship with with a minimal config.
>  * Disk would be bigger.
>  * Blender crashes.

Compiz is added to our seeds and everyone is encouraged to test usage of
Compiz with key apps in Ubuntu Studio.

> 5) Addition of a more "full-featured" burning app. K3B, Gnomebaker or
> Brasero  (K3B looks to be the choice based on features but take this to
> our -users ML.

Added to our seed list.

So this is pretty much where we are as of now. Ask any questions if needed.

-Cory \m/

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