More introductions

Benjamin Webb bjwebb67 at
Tue Nov 27 12:44:10 GMT 2007

Hi there,

Sorry if I'm a bit late writing this, its just taken me a while to get
round to it. My name's Ben Webb, I'm from the UK (near Manchester if
you're interested), I'm 16 and I've been using Kubuntu full time for
about six months, although I've been interested in Linux for over a
year now. I'm not much of a programmer (I'm not doing it at college),
but I've learnt a few programming languages as hobbies, Java is
probably my best, I also know PHP and have recently been looking at
C/C++ (but can't find any really good tutorials).

As for the project I, like Gao, was introduced by desertc (Matthew
Craig) through the #teensonlinux ( and #teenlug
( freenode channels. I would like to bring these two
to the attention of anyone who has not come across them already, as
provide a nice place for linux using teens to "hang out".


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