[Bug 1926011] Re: groovy / focal fwupd sbat support

Yuan-Chen Cheng 1926011 at bugs.launchpad.net
Tue Apr 27 07:28:17 UTC 2021

@Mario, Given the efi / user space split, how the fwupd userspace app
report the metadata back to lvfs?

The point is: with the split, even if the fwupd efi is upgraded, and the
user space app is not, will the version in the metadata bump version? If
not, we still need to SRU the user space app.

Ref: Metadata section in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/firmware-updates

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  groovy / focal fwupd sbat support

Status in OEM Priority Project:
Status in fwupd package in Ubuntu:
Status in fwupd source package in Groovy:

Bug description:
  this is a follow-up bug for


  Future releases of shim will require that EFI binaries that are chainloaded include an SBAT region. fwupd in bionic does not currently contain this region.

  [Test Case]
  Verify that a shim that checks for sbat region can boot the fwupd with sbat region.

  [Regression Potential]
  This is moving to a new stable release in each of the series which is in bug fix only mode. The sbat region is the only "feature" that has been backported to this series in over a year.

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