[Bug 1835124] Re: growpart mishandles image filenames that end in a number

Rafael David Tinoco rafaeldtinoco at kernelpath.com
Fri Sep 6 14:35:22 UTC 2019

For whoever interests, the version fixing the issue with autopkgtests
(that blocked migration of 0.31-0ubuntu1.1) is 0.31-0ubuntu1.2. So there
will be a new fix to be verified in this bug.

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  growpart mishandles image filenames that end in a number

Status in cloud-utils:
  Fix Committed
Status in cloud-utils package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in cloud-utils source package in Disco:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:

    * DEP8 race condition for ppc64el (LP: #1836593): intermittent
  migration regressions.

    * growpart: fix bug when file image ends in a digit (LP: #1835124):
  image files can't end in ".ext4", for example, orelse growpart doesn't

    * fix spelling error in ec2metadata (LP: #1810857): no impact.

  [Test Case]

  (k)inaddy at kvirtclone:~$ sudo fdisk /fakedisk.ext4

  (m for help): d
  Selected partition 1
  Partition 1 has been deleted.

  Command (m for help): n
  Partition type
     p primary (0 primary, 0 extended, 4 free)
     e extended (container for logical partitions)
  Select (default p): p
  Partition number (1-4, default 1):
  First sector (2048-262143, default 2048):
  Last sector, +/-sectors or +/-size{K,M,G,T,P} (2048-262143, default 262143): +100mb

  Created a new partition 1 of type 'Linux' and of size 95 MiB.

  Command (m for help): w
  The partition table has been altered.
  Syncing disks.

  (k)inaddy at kvirtclone:~$ sudo growpart /fakedisk.ext4 1
  FAILED: failed to get start and end for /fakedisk.ext41 in /fakedisk.ext4

  [Regression Potential]

   * Fix tries to recognize if volume is a block device or not. Same code exists for block devices, which reduces probability of issues.
   * Fix was done by pkg maintainer and it is already upstreamed.

  [Other Info]
   * Related Bugs:
     * bug 1842682: regression in test-growpart results in test fail device or resource busy

   * Original description:

  When growpart attempts to determine the partition to resize, it uses
  this logic:

  $ sed -n '266,275p' $(which growpart)
          dpart="${DISK}${PART}" # disk and partition number
          if [ -b "${DISK}p${PART}" -a "${DISK%[0-9]}" != "${DISK}" ]; then
                  # for block devices that end in a number (/dev/nbd0)
                  # the partition is "<name>p<partition_number>" (/dev/nbd0p1)
          elif [ "${DISK#/dev/loop[0-9]}" != "${DISK}" ]; then
                  # for /dev/loop devices, sfdisk output will be <name>p<number>
                  # format also, even though there is not a device there.

  If the disk is an image, and the image filename ends with a number,
  the partition will be "${DISK}p${PART}"; however, "${DISK}p${PART}"
  will not be a block device. Thus, the partition is improperly
  identified as just "${DISK}${PART}".

  This gives us a failure like:

  + growpart -v -v -v disk-uefi.ext4 1
  update-partition set to true
  resizing 1 on disk-uefi.ext4 using resize_sfdisk_gpt
  running[sfd_list][erronly] sfdisk --list --unit=S disk-uefi.ext4
  6291456 sectors of 512. total size=3221225472 bytes
  running[sfd_dump][erronly] sfdisk --unit=S --dump disk-uefi.ext4
  ## sfdisk --unit=S --dump disk-uefi.ext4
  label: gpt
  label-id: A9F73A73-50FD-4335-9082-1249985F154D
  device: disk-uefi.ext4
  unit: sectors
  first-lba: 34
  last-lba: 6291422

  disk-uefi.ext4p1 : start=      227328, size=     4384735, type=0FC63DAF-8483-4772-8E79-3D69D8477DE4, uuid=C1191CD2-0753-4A53-8CD4-E6079735CA42
  disk-uefi.ext4p14 : start=        2048, size=        8192, type=21686148-6449-6E6F-744E-656564454649, uuid=3A2AD377-EB6D-4689-9126-35148C003A95
  disk-uefi.ext4p15 : start=       10240, size=      217088, type=C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B, uuid=98C675C8-4FF6-425C-B783-E77FDE70C967
  FAILED: failed to get start and end for disk-uefi.ext41 in disk-uefi.ext4

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