[Bug 517566] Re: claws-mail-html2-viewer cannot print without html2ps

jcfp linux at jp.pp.ru
Wed Apr 28 14:09:26 BST 2010

callum, thanks for your interest in fixing this bug. Unfortunately, it
seems your patch adds html2ps as a build dependency, which won't solve
the issue described in the bug report. I would suggest adding html2ps as
a (recommended) dependency to the claws-mail-html2-viewer binary package

claws-mail-html2-viewer cannot print without html2ps
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Status in “claws-mail-extra-plugins” package in Ubuntu: New
Status in “claws-mail-extra-plugins” package in Debian: New

Bug description:
Binary package hint: claws-mail-extra-plugins

Claws-mail-html2-viewer cannot print unless the html2ps program is installed. Currently 'html2ps' is not a dependency.

To reproduce: start claws-mail, load the plugin, open a html email, and try to print it while viewing as html. Program will give an error message saying "Printing HTML is only possible if the program 'html2ps' is installed". Installing that package fixes the problem.

Tested on karmic, likely to exist on lucid too given the similar lack of a html2ps dependency there.

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