[Bug 566392] Re: Request upload of likewise-open- to Lucid

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 26 17:28:37 BST 2010

Gerry, I have some questions/issues:

+  * Disable automatic startup of dcerpcd and eventlogd to prevent
+    listening on inbound ports

This is a behaviour change to 2ubuntu1 which is/will be in final. This
isn't appropriate as a post-release update, I'm afraid.

debian/likewise-open-gui.desktop changes a string, which isn't
appropriate for the string freeze/post release update (since it breaks

changelog: Please use "lucid-proposed" now, and add a reference to this
bug (LP: #566392). SRUs always need a bug reference.

The rest looks fine.


Request upload of likewise-open- to Lucid
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Status in “likewise-open” package in Ubuntu: Fix Committed
Status in “likewise-open” source package in Lucid: Fix Committed

Bug description:
Binary package hint: likewise-open

New likewise-open upload requested.   Specifically requesting upload to make upgrades/install more robust and disable listening on incoming tcp ports.  Debdiff is attached.  Testing packages are at https://launchpad.net/~likewise-open/+archive/likewise-open-ppa

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