[Bug 568904] [NEW] qemu-kvm FTBFS on powerpc and ia64

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Fri Apr 23 14:59:13 BST 2010

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Binary package hint: qemu-kvm

qemu-kvm FTBFS on powerpc and ia64 in lucid.  This is a combination of
issues, as follows:

1: kvm support for newer powerpc is *very* new in the kernel, and the
lucid kernels don't have the necessary patches (which would be too
invasive to integrate).  Simply disabling kvm for qemu builds is
recommended by upstream:


2: ia64 host support is *extremely* new (first appearance upstream in
March), and so nothing works at all on ia64 hosts.

Long-term, the correct fix is to have the necessary kernel/kvm/qemu
patches land, and enable everything everywhere.  For lucid, this simply
cannot happen, but ia64 builds can be dropped and powerpc builds done
without kvm support, which improves supportability.

** Affects: qemu-kvm (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Low
         Status: Triaged

qemu-kvm FTBFS on powerpc and ia64
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