[Bug 565207] Re: Sync flite flite-1.4-release-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)

Brandon Holtsclaw me at brandonholtsclaw.com
Sat Apr 17 07:48:02 BST 2010

FFe required:
Its mostly a bugfix release with a few minor additional new features, the upstream change log is pasted below. These new features do not effect ( either are optional or for other architectures like win32 ) the functionality of the rdepends.

This has also been tested to work with the rdepends kmouth, brltty and
also standalone as noted above.

The build log is also attached.

Upsteam Changes:
New in 1.4 (December 2009)
    o crude multi-voice selection support (may change)
    o 4 basic voices are included 3 clustergen (awb, rms and slt) plus
      the kal diphone database
    o CMULEX now uses maximum onset for syllabification
    o alsa support
    o Clustergen support (including mlpg with mixed excitation)
      But is still slow on limited processors
    o Windows support with Visual Studio (specifically for the Olympus
        Spoken Dialog System)
    o WinCE support is redone with cegcc/mingw32ce with example
        example TTS app: Fluwm: Flite on Windows Mobile
    o Speed-ups in feature interpretation limiting calls to alloc
    o Speed-ups (and fixes) for converting clunits festvox voices

Sync flite flite-1.4-release-2 (main) from Debian unstable (main)
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Status in “flite” package in Ubuntu: Incomplete

Bug description:
Binary package hint: flite

current version FTBFS
rdepends checked to still work correctly with this new version ( kmouth and brltty )
lucid buildlog attached
no ubuntu deltas to merge

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