[Bug 538594] Re: [FFe] Please merge munin 1.4.4-1 from Debian testing

Holger Mauermann mauermann at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 16:43:20 BST 2010

1.4.4 is in the repos now

** Changed in: munin (Ubuntu)
       Status: Confirmed => Fix Released

[FFe] Please merge munin 1.4.4-1 from Debian testing
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Status in “munin” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released

Bug description:
Binary package hint: munin

munin (1.4.4-1ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

  * Merge bugfix release from debian testing. Remaining changes:
    - debian/rules, debian/munin-node.upstart: Convert to upstart.

munin (1.4.4-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release. Mainly bugfixes. Including fixes for:
    - node does not read files in plugin configuration directory in
      alphabetical order (Closes: #564098)
    - munin-cgi-graph: Error "Premature end of script headers:
      munin-cgi-graph" in in webserver logs (Closes: #570545)
  * Suggest logtail in munin-node instead of munin-plugins-extra, as amavis
    plugin is now part of munin-node.
  * Bump standards-version to 3.8.4, no changes necessary.
  * Remove default limits for the cpu plugin (Closes: #564239)
  * New mysql plugin does not function with default configuration
    (Closes: #569047). Thanks to Michael Shuler spotting this!
  * Fix amavis default configuration (Closes: #567923)
  * Add default configuration for exim_mailstats for logdir,logname.
  * Extend default configuration for df to df*.
  * Place NEWS file only in munin,munin-node packages (Closes: #567844)

I think this can be considered a bugfix release, but I could go through hoops and request a full FFE for it.

I'm attaching the debdiff against Debian.

Upstream ChangeLog:
munin 1.4.4, r3276,3379, 2010-2-26

* Localization problem in 1.4.1 (closes #781)
* Sort plugin configuration file order. This ensures some predictability 
  regarding where a configuration setting comes from when multiple files
  specify the same configuration variables.
  For details, see debian bug http://bugs.debian.org/564098
* munin-cgi-graph*: cgi semaphore fix, hopefully cures #834
* Munin/Master/GraphOld.pm sum+colour fix (closes #731)
  plugin to connect to a separate munin-node (or other daemon speaking the
  munin-node protocol) and fetch values from there.
* munin-update: Fix config line continuation hadling
* Add patch from munin ticket #828, to suppress "occasional" unknown states 
  to avoid alerts. Thanks to Steve Wilson for the patch!
* proxy_plugin: New proxy plugin, that makes it possible for a single Munin
* jmx/Uptime: decimal days, not integer - closes #815
* nvidia_: fix suggest
* linux/vserver*: fix autoconf exit codes
* linux/ip_: RE fix to be able to match IPv6 addresses
* linux/selinux_avcstat: New plugin from Lars Strand showing selinux stats 
  Taken from Muninexchange.  Thanks to Lars! 
* linux/lpar_cpu: A plugin to measure IBM PPC hardware virtualization logical
  partition CPU usage (made for the platform once called OpenPower)
* varnish_: backend_unhealthy is a DERIVE value, note that canonical upstream 
  is the varnish project
* Add simfs" to linux df* plugins ignore list
* linux/buddyinfo multigraph plugin by Gábor Gombás 
* Remediate patches from Gentoo that never came upstream.  
  Prevents possible output on stderr in plugin linux/iostat_ios and corrects 
  linux/fw_forwarded_local to handle a missing /proc/net/ip_conntrack
  linux/fw_forwarded_local: need to dereference the _conntrack_file variable
* linux/diskstats: Upstream update, closes #838 #835 #837
* linux/ip_: Better matching of IPv6 addresses.  Use a single awk command 
  instead of a mix of awk and grep.
* mysql_: fix graph_base error (Closes #840) Patch from Gábor Gombás
* mysql_: plugin suggests wrong values (closes #857)
* linux/selinux_avcstat - exit 0 on autoconf
* linux/tcp: Add contributed plugin from Tim Small
* linux/df_abs: multiple filesystem excludes do not work in df_abs
  Thanks to Daniel Reichelt for the patch!
* snort*: Add documentation and minor updates
* multips_memory: correct printing out raw fieldname, 
  instead of clean_fieldname, documentation updates
* linux/df_abs: Added configuration option to df_abs to Enable/Disable the 
  graph total (The default is on). Thanks to Daniel Reichelt for the patch, 
  submitted at http://bugs.debian.org/567895 - adapted, tested  
  and documented by Tom Feiner
* snmp__if_multi: Add env.ifTypeOnly filtering, fix multiple buglets
* mailman: Corrected incorrect use of $MUNIN_PLUGSTATE in mailman plugin
* amavis: Change amavis mktempfile function to run with backticks instead of 
  $(command) as it doesnt work correctly piping to sed
* exim_mailstats: exim_mailstats doesnt count Completed properly. 
  Thanks to Wakko Warner for noticing this in http://bugs.debian.org/569621
* Deprecated tomcat plugins: Fix in to work properly when only one connector
  is availabe http://bugs.debian.org/543523
* postfix_mailstats: Fix shell->perl syntax in perl plugin
* apt: update description with a pointer to apt_all
* jmx/GCCount - fix negative counts on jvm restart (closes #852)
* ping_: fix obvious typo (closes #854)

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