[Bug 552568] Re: hamlib rotctld support

Ciemon Dunville ciemon at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 08:36:25 BST 2010

** Branch linked: lp:~ciemon/ubuntu/lucid/predict/4-fixes

hamlib rotctld support
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Status in “predict” package in Ubuntu: In Progress

Bug description:
Binary package hint: predict

The attached patch adds support for hamlib's rotctld rotator control daemon.

The original predict only supports the EasyComm protocol. With support for rotctld, all rotators in hamlib are supported.

Four options are added:

 -A <rotctld server>
 -A1 <rotctld server>
 -P <rotctld port number>
 -h <horizon>

The -A and -A1 options are similar to the -a and -a1, but take the server name or IP address as parameter. The -P option allows the use of a non-standard port (default is 4533).

The -h option sets the horizon. E.g., "-h -5.3" sets the horizon to be at -5.3 deg. Predict will send tracking output to the serial port and rotctld server as long as the satellite is above the horizon.

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