[Bug 320829] [NEW] Bogofilter seems to fail decoding base64

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Fri Apr 9 00:33:30 BST 2010

You have been subscribed to a public bug by Matthias Andree (matthias-andree):

Binary package hint: bogofilter-bdb

Description: Ubuntu 8.04.1
Release: 8.04
Package: bogofilter-bdb
Source-Package: bogofilter
Version: 1.1.5-2ubuntu5

During the last days I received a lot of similar spam that passed
bogofilter marked as Ham. Even after tagging a lot of mails (>50) this
was not improved. Neither for already tagged mails nor for new mails.

Looking on the plain mail text I found out that the mails although plain
text with cp1251 formatting were base64 encoded. Thus I first assumed
that bogofilter might be unable of handling base64 encoding. But
actually this is integrated since version 0.10 and should therefore be
still in 1.1.5-2ubuntu5 as I have installed here.

A brief test brought up the following:

I tagged one of the spam mails using a new database with "bogofilter -s" and compared the database contents (retrieved via "bogoutil -d") with another new database were I tagged the same mail but with decoded body and subject.

In the first DB only information on header fields was present. In the second DB there was also information regarding the body of the mail.

Thus I conclude that bogofilter did not manage to decode the mail -
whereas KMail does this flawlessly.

I attach an mbox folder with a selection of mails.

** Affects: bogofilter
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: Confirmed

** Affects: bogofilter (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: Confirmed

Bogofilter seems to fail decoding base64
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