[Bug 475800] Re: Tray icon does not appear on startup in Karmic

IRIE Shinsuke irieshinsuke at yahoo.co.jp
Tue Apr 6 13:28:39 BST 2010

I upgraded my system to Lucid Lynx Beta1 and met the same problem.

When I select ibus in language support dialog and launch SCIM via scim-
bridge.el on Emacs, the notification icon is correctly displayed.

ProblemType: Bug
Architecture: i386
Date: Tue Apr  6 21:10:01 2010
 coreutils 7.4-2ubuntu2
 debconf 1.5.28ubuntu2
 debconf-i18n 1.5.28ubuntu2
 defoma 0.11.10-4
 file 5.03-5ubuntu1
 findutils 4.4.2-1ubuntu1
 fontconfig 2.8.0-2ubuntu1
 fontconfig-config 2.8.0-2ubuntu1
 gcc-4.4-base 4.4.3-4ubuntu5
 libacl1 2.2.49-2
 libatk1.0-0 1.30.0-0ubuntu2
 libattr1 1:2.4.44-1
 libavahi-client3 0.6.25-1ubuntu6
 libavahi-common-data 0.6.25-1ubuntu6
 libavahi-common3 0.6.25-1ubuntu6
 libbz2-1.0 1.0.5-4
 libc-bin 2.11.1-0ubuntu5
 libc6 2.11.1-0ubuntu5
 libcairo2 1.8.10-2ubuntu1
 libcomerr2 1.41.11-1ubuntu1
 libcups2 1.4.2-10
 libdatrie1 0.2.2-3
 libdb4.8 4.8.24-1ubuntu1
 libdbus-1-3 1.2.16-2ubuntu4
 libdirectfb-1.2-0 1.2.8-5ubuntu1
 libexpat1 2.0.1-7ubuntu1
 libfontconfig1 2.8.0-2ubuntu1
 libfreetype6 2.3.11-1ubuntu2
 libgcc1 1:4.4.3-4ubuntu5
 libgcrypt11 1.4.4-5ubuntu2
 libgdbm3 1.8.3-9
 libglib2.0-0 2.24.0-0ubuntu1
 libgnutls26 2.8.5-2
 libgpg-error0 1.6-1ubuntu2
 libgssapi-krb5-2 1.8+dfsg~alpha1-7ubuntu1
 libgtk2.0-0 2.20.0-0ubuntu3
 libgtk2.0-common 2.20.0-0ubuntu3
 libjasper1 1.900.1-7
 libjpeg62 6b-15ubuntu1
 libk5crypto3 1.8+dfsg~alpha1-7ubuntu1
 libkeyutils1 1.2-12
 libkrb5-3 1.8+dfsg~alpha1-7ubuntu1
 libkrb5support0 1.8+dfsg~alpha1-7ubuntu1
 liblocale-gettext-perl 1.05-6
 libmagic1 5.03-5ubuntu1
 libnewt0.52 0.52.10-5ubuntu1
 libpango1.0-0 1.28.0-0ubuntu1
 libpango1.0-common 1.28.0-0ubuntu1
 libpcre3 7.8-3build1
 libpixman-1-0 0.16.4-1ubuntu2
 libpng12-0 1.2.42-1ubuntu2
 libpopt0 1.15-1
 libscim8c2a 1.4.9-2
 libselinux1 2.0.89-4
 libslang2 2.2.2-2ubuntu1
 libstdc++6 4.4.3-4ubuntu5
 libsysfs2 2.1.0-6
 libtasn1-3 2.4-1
 libtext-charwidth-perl 0.04-6
 libtext-iconv-perl 1.7-2
 libtext-wrapi18n-perl 0.06-7
 libthai-data 0.1.13-1
 libthai0 0.1.13-1
 libtiff4 3.9.2-2
 libts-0.0-0 1.0-7build1
 libx11-6 2:1.3.2-1ubuntu3
 libx11-data 2:1.3.2-1ubuntu3
 libxau6 1:1.0.5-1
 libxcb-render-util0 0.3.6-1build1
 libxcb-render0 1.5-2
 libxcb1 1.5-2
 libxcomposite1 1:0.4.1-1
 libxcursor1 1:1.1.10-1
 libxdamage1 1:1.1.2-1
 libxdmcp6 1:1.0.3-1
 libxext6 2:1.1.1-2
 libxfixes3 1:4.0.4-1
 libxft2 2.1.14-1ubuntu1
 libxi6 2:1.3-3
 libxinerama1 2:1.1-2
 libxml2 2.7.6.dfsg-1ubuntu1
 libxrandr2 2:1.3.0-3
 libxrender1 1:0.9.5-1
 lzma 4.43-14ubuntu2
 perl 5.10.1-8ubuntu1
 perl-base 5.10.1-8ubuntu1
 perl-modules 5.10.1-8ubuntu1
 shared-mime-info 0.71-1ubuntu1
 tsconf 1.0-7build1
 ttf-dejavu-core 2.30-2
 tzdata 2010g-0ubuntu1
 ucf 3.0025
 whiptail 0.52.10-5ubuntu1
 zlib1g 1:
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 10.04
InstallationMedia: Ubuntu 10.04 "Lucid Lynx" - Beta i386 (20100318)
Package: scim 1.4.9-2
PackageArchitecture: i386
 PATH=(custom, user)
ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 2.6.32-19.28-generic
SourcePackage: scim
Tags: lucid
Uname: Linux 2.6.32-19-generic i686

Tray icon does not appear on startup in Karmic
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Status in “scim” package in Ubuntu: New

Bug description:
Binary package hint: scim

After upgrading to Karmic, I found that the tray icon for scim no longer appeared in the notification area as before.  SCIM still worked normally (I could switch input modes via keyboard shortcuts).  When I looked at Panel > GTK under SCIM Setup, "Show Tray Icon" was in fact selected under "Misc".  When I deselected that and clicked apply, then reselected it and clicked apply again, the tray icon appeared in the notification area as expected.  However, upon starting my computer, the icon was gone again, although the option in question was still checked.

Perhaps SCIM is being started before whatever handles the notification area, and then that is never told to add the icon for SCIM?

ProblemType: Bug
Architecture: amd64
Date: Thu Nov  5 15:23:50 2009
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 9.10
NonfreeKernelModules: ksplice_axmidaqs_vmlinux_new ksplice_axmidaqs nvidia
Package: scim 1.4.9-1ubuntu2
 PATH=(custom, user)
ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 2.6.31-14.48-generic
SourcePackage: scim
Uname: Linux 2.6.31-14-generic x86_64
 (gnome-settings-daemon:19333): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_propagate_error: assertion `src != NULL' failed
 (gnome-settings-daemon:19333): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_propagate_error: assertion `src != NULL' failed
 (polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1:19378): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_once_init_leave: assertion `initialization_value != 0' failed
 (nautilus:19365): Eel-CRITICAL **: eel_preferences_get_boolean: assertion `preferences_is_initialized ()' failed
 (gnome-panel:19362): Gdk-WARNING **: /build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.18.3/gdk/x11/gdkdrawable-x11.c:952 drawable is not a pixmap or window

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