Feedback Ubuntu participation in Google SoC 2010

Jacob Peddicord jpeddicord at
Tue Sep 7 01:36:51 BST 2010

Yikes! I let this thread slip out of my inbox.

2010/9/6 Michał Karnicki <mkarnicki at>:
> I would only like to say that on the administrative end, Ubuntu did very
> well (thanks Daniel, Randa, and all Ubuntu staff that made this all
> possible, including mentors who provided their time, patience and knowledge
> to guide us). You were accessible and actively answering any questions which
> would arise along the program. I am very happy I could take part in GSoC,
> having Ubuntu as my mentoring organisation.

I don't have much more to say than this. The coding, evals,
organization, and summer overall went very smoothly. I had no trouble
getting help from everyone involved. I certainly hope others had a
great time as well. :)

Jacob Peddicord

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