Getting started for GSoC

Kamran Riaz Khan krkhan at
Sat May 22 00:52:51 BST 2010

On 05/21/2010 02:35 PM, Sarah Strong wrote:
> It's been really quiet here lately, so I thought I'd say, "Hi!" to other
> GSoC students and all the rest

Your project looks very intriguing. It not only had one of the more
unorthodox titles (The Great Clipboard Fixing Galore Project) but is
also one of the very few SoC projects with a female participant.

I'm Kamran and I will be working with Bryce over the summer for bug
triaging improvements for Arsenal. This particular project isn't
directly related with end-user experience but will nevertheless aim to
simplify the work of Ubuntu maintainers.

I run a blog at [1] and did a post [2] few days back linking to all the
Ubuntu participants' blogs and projects. Please let me know if I've made
a mistake in digging up someone's link.


Kamran Riaz Khan.

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