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I have just been working on my proposal for Nautilus Copy Improvements and
I just wanted to tell you what I came up with.

The first major improvement is that support will be added so that the copy
process is able to detect possible errors with the copying process and
report feedback to the user before copying (obviously, not all errors can
be detected beforehand). Once the error messages are shown, they will be a
way to resolve these errors and try to copy files again. For example, if
there is not enough space to copy files over to a certain disk (or
partition), a "wizard" will allow the user to choose which subset of files
they wish to copy before trying again (and also provide a built in
features to send over the smallest files of the group).

The second major improvement is that the copy progress bar will be placed
on the bottom right-hand corner of the Nautilus window in the status bar
and will run as a separate process. This will allow the user to browse
freely using Nautilus and allow more files to be copied and pasted using a
copy queue (not necessarily to the same location).

I elaborate more on my project at my wiki page:

I would really appreciate if a mentor could give me some critique and
comments over my idea. I am hoping to put sample GUI shots up in the
morning to explain further.

Thank you,
Elia Videtta

> Hello,
> I am a second year undergraduate student at the University of Warwick in
> the UK who is interested in developing the Nautilus Improvements as
> specified on the Ubuntu website for Google Summer of Code. I have
> experience with C, C#, Java and Python. I was wondering if there were
> pre-existing resources for this project and also which libraries Ubuntu
> already uses for copying to disk.
> Thank you,
> Elia Videtta
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