home user back up project using deja dup (need feed back)

shahansad kollaparambath shahansad at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 10:40:00 BST 2010

Thank you for the feedback.

In current GUI on pressing the restore or backup button it directly catches
the previous job done while i think that what should happen is to open a
dialog box more in the lines of edit->preferences. If the user want to
restore from a particular back up  or if he have to do a new back up job he
have to go to the edit->preference menu and make changes. This step is very
less intuitive and should be changed.

I think adding profiles feature would be great. ie something smiler to the
'backup sets' feature in the default file back up utility of Ubuntu
(system->Administration->file back up manager).

This is what i wish to happen

On pressing the backup button
User Should be shown the list of back up jobs along with the information
about the last time that job was backed up. Also there should be an option
of creating a new back up job.

On pressing the restore button.
I should be shown a list of previously existing back up sets and also an
option to point to the location of the back up that the user want to
restore. Date of the back up and other information abt the backup that will
be restored should be shown along side the name of the back up set.

I will send the sketches of these windows shortly.

rough Idea about the system restore
backup can be achieved by a cleverly configured back up job. we might want
to get the installed package list from dpkg and the configuration files from
etc and home directory of the user. At the time of restoring the packages
can be reistalled by a few shell commands and then the configuration files
can be replaced to achieve the system restore. If this is a good method of
doing it then I will think of a way to include this option in GUI at a good
place so that this option is not hidden and at the same not confusing for
home users.

Since Google Summer of code would be a full time 3 mount project. i think it
would be possible for me to achieve these two goals by time.

rough About the Idea to use optical disk
Since daje dep tars and encrypts the data before it backup. it seems to me
that creating a back up temporarily on hard disk is inevitable. But if we
do  that then we can easily create a brasero project (a simple xml) file and
load that in brasero with the -p or -r option. all that will be left  for
the user to do would be to press the burn button. If the data to be backed
is too big to be fit into 1 disk proper division can be done and made into
different brsero projects. How usable is this IDEA??

Sorry for the long mail. I would like to have feed back on my ideas.
Thank you for taking time to read the mail.

On 28 March 2010 21:25, Michael Terry <michael.terry at canonical.com> wrote:

> I'm not on the mailing list, so please CC: me.  Comments below.
> On Fri, 2010-03-26 at 14:59 +0530, shahansad kollaparambath wrote:
> > Deja Dup written in vala has most of the features required for a back
> > up utility, but has a very unfortunate GUI to go along with it. Also
> > it lacks the profiles feature.  I propose to create a new GUI to Deja
> > Dup using gtk+ which will be intuitive and support profiles.
> I'm the author of Deja Dup.  Writing a new GUI seems like a big leap.
> It might be better to incrementally improve any issues with the existing
> GUI.  Do you have particular suggestions?
> David Bensimon (cc'ed) also had a backup idea for GSoC that also turned
> into 'improving Deja Dup'.  I think the two ideas could probably be
> collapsed.  I talked with David about possible features that would be
> good for students.
> I started a page on Deja Dup's wiki to track them:
> http://live.gnome.org/DejaDup/GSoC
> So I'm certainly open to helping mentor students.  David also said he
> would help with some of the mentoring work.
> --
> mterry • Canonical
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