Gsoc: Sound theme creation for ubuntu (Project Details)

Dhastha Gheer dhasthagheer at
Sun Mar 28 04:33:52 BST 2010

Hi all

Project details:

Changing themes in ubuntu used to be a pretty straight forward process
that almost anyone could do with basic tools. Basically you downloaded
the sound you wanted and went to system/preferences/sound and changed
the event you wanted to change to the new sound.

Ubuntu 9.10 comes along and throws a major wrench in the works. Sure
sound preferences is still there, but there's no way to select a
specific sound event to change.

This project aims to (1)create a utility to make sound themes and (2)
allow users to specify per event sound files.

I will soon post complete abstract of this project.

My details:

Name : Dhastha Gheer

Time Zone: GMT+5.30

IRC Nick name: dhastha

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