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Fri Mar 26 10:40:43 GMT 2010

   - Project Name: Truely System Wide Proxy
   - Project Description: As of now the various applications in ubuntu or in
   any other linux distribution requires for the user to specify the proxy
   values ... this becomes pretty irritating task when someone is re-installing
   the system, so, my goal is to develop an application, or a method so that
   the user has to specify the proxy in one single application(which is going
   to be developed) and then all the other applications are passed the values
   automatically ... or to implement a transparent proxy server which would
   automatically authenticate on the proxy server.
   - If you would be willing and able to do other projects instead, which

I have been using ubuntu for last 3-4 years , and am facing problem with the
proxy authentication ..... i created a workaround script which would pass on
proxy values to opera, firefox and bash , i am highly positive about this
project and would love to work on it ... if i were asked to perform on other
project ... my choice would be : deja-dup improvements (Was "Home User
Backup Spec") and Splash screen customization... reasons being .... user's
home contains customized bash script files (which i use a lot) and instead
of having to copy each of them again and again with every system re-install
i would rather develop a application that would back them up ...and for
splash screen customizations... that is entirely an effect of eye candy ...
!! i want to make ubuntu more pleasing and pleasant !!

   - Why did you like this idea?

While using ubuntu in my university internet connection .. i had to overcome
the task of specifying proxy url for every other application ... although i
created a bash script for the same .. it had its own disadvantages ... the
idea of an application doing the task of specifying proxy or eliminating the
use of specifying proxy for each software is sure to make it easy for the
end user !!

   - Please describe a tentative project architecture or an approach to it
   and Give us details about the milestones for this project

I would start off with first studying two methods of approach , namely, a
unified application which would pass on the proxy values to each application
respectively or implementing a transparent proxy server, discovering their
pros and cons .. ease of use and the way they would interact with the
system.. along with side by side completing my bash script...then i will be
developing the application based on my study and the structure i used in the
script...after creating the basic application for the mid-term submission
then i will proceed with developing it will full features, documentation
.... and debug the program as much as possible ... the final program will be
submitted after testing its compatibility with the softwares.

   - Why will your proposal benefit Ubuntu?

Universal proxy is much needed and very necessary feature ... as proxy
servers are implemented in almost every institution it is required for the
user to pass the proxy values to the applications .. with this application
all the softwares can interact with the internet with just one click .. it
will become easier for the end-user to configure his applications behind
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