Need Guidance : To improve Quickly

Didier Roche didrocks at
Thu Mar 25 08:09:27 GMT 2010

Le jeudi 25 mars 2010 à 11:27 +0530, Arulalan T a écrit :
> Dear All,
> I am Arulalan.T  newbie to gsoc  .
> I am very much interested in glade.
> By this way i am getting interested in Quickly. 
> I am not getting clear idea about gsco-quickly project which is the
> following link.
> 20snippet
> If somebody/mentor should guide me means , i can improve quickly.
> I am very much interested to learn "Quickly" as well as to improve it.
> I am a  python beginner programmer.
> I wrote one vcsaddon in cdat[1] which is in python.
> [1]

Hey Arulalan,

Thanks for your interest in gsoc.
Did you heard about acire? It's jono's program to visualize and import
code snippets (

Adding new snippets is easy but not as we wish:

The idea there will be to integrate Quickly with all of this, to enable
sharing and importing code snippet really easy. Also, we want snippets
to be contextual (don't import vala snippets in python code for
instance :))

So, this project s workflow design (how to tell "import/see snippet
related to dbus" in an effective way: integrate it in gedit or other
separate commands?) that needs to be defined together, as well as

Also, we can envision someone to select his code and have the option
"share as a snippet" which will enable refactoring it to something
generic and upload it somewhere for review.

Hope this is a little bit more clear now. If you have any other ideas on
that subject (or more Quickly related) and are interested in the
project, do not hesitate :)

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