Clipboard Improvements Idea

Sarah Strong sarah.e.strong at
Wed Mar 24 22:53:06 GMT 2010

Hey, all,

I'm a third year computer science student poking around on GSOC ideas. I
asked about the state of clipboard support in the xorg project, and got a
very useful overview of how X handles it: It
sounds like it wouldn't be appropriate to make any change to X in fixing
clipboard management issues. The xorg devs seem to think it'd be appropriate
to eliminate the pointer to xorg in the description, too.

Combining that with James' comment, it looks like the most obvious way to
tackle this task would be per-application. If that isn't a big enough job,
perhaps David Bensimon could combine it with another grab bag idea he's
mentoring such as the nautilus improvements one, or with other one hundred
paper cuts style usability issues

Does that sound like a reasonable modification to the idea?

-Sarah Strong
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