Introduction and project ideas

Amber Jain i.amber.jain at
Tue Mar 23 16:55:03 GMT 2010


My name is Amber Jain. I'm an Indian and I'm an undergraduate computer
applications student. I use Ubuntu for all of my desktop purposes and
I'm planning to submit two GSOC project proposals:

1. Launchpad offline bug client: I think we really need this one. In
many countries, internet  connection is very costly (and therefore not
found in majority of homes). I come from a developing country and I
know the situations that exist here. So, if ubuntu gets an offline bug
client, it will probably allow users to submit more bugs to developers
and make ubuntu more stable.  I plan to add the functionality so that
user can carry bug reports on thumb/usb drive and can submit from any
other computer connected to internet. I say probably because I don't
know if people will care enough to use the application. But I'm sure
that there are many users/enthusiasts out there who care for
ubuntu...So, even if the number of users of this app will be small, it
will be worth coding it, imho.

2. Home user backup spec: I can work on this project too but I don't
understand why we need yet another program for this purpose. Can't we
simply use (G)rsync to create and synchronize backups? Or, something
like compressed (7z/bzip2) archives? Am I missing something important
here? Can someone put some light on this?

I'll setup a wiki page soon with all the details about the project
proposals I'm planning to submit.

Amber Jain

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