Testdrive Front End GSoC idea question

Bill Sullivan enkrates at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 15:10:06 GMT 2010


I am considering proposing to do the Testdrive Front End work for
Google Summer of Code and I wanted to ask what sort of background
would be reasonable to have before starting work and what sort of
milestones a project like that would have. I'm very inclined to do
some work that would help Ubuntu with testing, but I have only a
little experience with Python and none with GTK (other than the
tutorial I started last night :). I consider myself a good worker and
a quick study, but I don't want to propose something that is clearly
beyond my capabilities. So, is it reasonable to expect a GSoC'er to
switch to Python (from PHP, mostly) and pick up PyGTK during the
course of GSoC and still be able to make headway on a project like


Bill Sullivan

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