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Hi all,

My name's Tuan.
I'm the last year student and I'm going to graduate next month. So I cannot take part in gsoc. 
Hope you enjoy your coding job at gsoc.


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Hello every one,
My name is Puneet Singh, I am pursuing of computer science and I am
very much interested in Developing something for Ubuntu. I am in final year
so I've got ample amount of time to dedicate to any project.
My Idea Idea for Gsoc :
1) Nautilus is really easy to use and powerful yet very slow.I am speaking
in terms of loading a folder. Also there is no good search option, the
legacy search option is too slow compared to other operating systems like
windows and mac.
2) An application to Update all computers which are connected through LAN
from any computer which gets updated first.
For example, If some one updates his/her Ubuntu then all other users using
the same LAN can update that package from him/her. This will save lots of
bandwidth and load on servers as well as users will get Instant packages( As
places where internet is distributed on LAN like in colleges Speed of
Internet generally degrades and LAN is having 100Mbps speed which is any
time faster than that of internet).
I already have implemented this in Java (with little success).
Thanks and regards
Puneet Singh
everlasting.puneet at
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