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(note I'm a fellow GSoC wannabe student not mentor)

On 19 March 2010 00:09, Anton Kolchunov <garfeild.ubuntu at> wrote:
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> Hi, my name is Anton.
> I'm from Russia. Here's brief information about me, my skills and
> ideas for the GSOC.
> I'm a student. 2010 is my final year in Moscow State University of
> Electronics and Mathematics. I'm a member of Russian Loco Team.
> Programming is my hobby. I've finished several projects for my
> university. I'm also an iPhone developer. I prefer C and Objective-C
> languages, but I also have programming experience in C++ programming
> languages, GTK+, Qt4, SQLite, OpenAL and OpenGL libraries.

AWESOME =) sounds a lot.

> Why Ubuntu? Because I have been using this Linux distribution since
> 2006 and I love it.

Same here

> Here are my ideas for GSoC:
> 1) Column view for Nautilus. I have seen a suggestion of this
> functionality somewhere on Ubuntu Brainstorm. This is a very useful
> function for a file manager, in my opinion. I have been using Mac OS X
> for a while and have found that Column View in Finder is very-very
> easy-to-use. I think it will be big advantage for Ubuntu, because many
> users of Mac OS X will feel right at home if they see their favorite
> file manager view.

This is a cool idea. I like it. But note that Ubuntu is not upstream
of Nautilus. Gnome is. Have you considered doing this project with

> 2) GTK Theme Creator with Live View. Current theme creation methods
> seem Ice-Age-Like. What will need is a fully functional modern
> graphical theme editor, that will backup system config files and will
> have a Live View option.  It should also have a very easy-to-use
> interface, so that any designer could start using it in a blink of an
> eye.

Not sure about this one. There are a lot of themes already do we
really need more? It would be more useful imho to get full css themes
for metacity / gnome shell.

I would also try to pitch this to gnome.

This way your project can end up in all major distributions including Ubuntu.

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-- Dima from his Macbook ;-)

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