Introducing Orrin

Orrin Jelo orrinjelo at
Thu Mar 18 20:51:24 GMT 2010

Hello, folks!

My name is Tyler, actually, but I also go by the pseudonym Orrin Jelo.  I
only found out about the GSoC a couple weeks ago, and am quite glad that
Ubuntu is in this.  Who knows if I'll eventually end up working on an Ubuntu
project, but if not, it'll still be software used in Ubuntu.
I am graduating with my Bachelor's in physics in April (minors in math and
computer sci), but continuing my education with graduate school in August.
This is my first time (besides computational code related to condensed
matter research) doing such a large-scale project (I tell you, those phone
book programs in cs classes do not count!), so I'm both nervous and
excited.  Anxious.  Nervcited.  Whatever.
So...uhm, if anyone comes across something that sounds just right for me,
let me know.

--Tyler (OJ)
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