Google SoC Idea: Sports team manager

scott tcsoccerman at
Sun Mar 14 01:01:27 GMT 2010

Hello everyone,

This is my first time partaking in the Google Summer of Code. I have an 
idea that I would like to use, but I'm not sure if it acceptable so I am 
posting it here.

I am a bit of a sports enthusiast. One of the things that I find before 
every race is the check-in of course. At the check-in, there is somebody 
w/ a laptop and an application running with a list of players and some 
information about them. When you check-in he records your number and 
that you have checked in. After the race, they record the times for each 
player into that same list.

There are lots of applications like this for windows, but few of them 
are free and all of them are for windows. My proposal is to make an 
application like this for Linux/ubuntu.

The main concept behind the project would be a tool to manage and run a 
race/meet/sport event with its saved teams/players. The application 
would manage teams, players, races, and games. Implementation of the 
couchdb is another goal. It would be developed in GTK#.

Does this project sound feasible? Any mentors willing to be my partner? 
Any recommendations for this project are appreciated and wanted.

Thank you!

Scott Ringwelski

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