GSoC 2010 Mentors/Org Admins: Reminder: "Pencils Down" Dates Approaching

Maria Randazzo maria.randazzo at
Thu Aug 5 11:27:40 BST 2010

Hi there,

This is a friendly reminder that next week on 9 August is Google's soft 
"pencils down" date when Google suggests that students have completed 
their projects and spend a week writing documentation and wrapping up 
their projects. They require that students stop all coding by 16 August.

Monday, 16 August at 19:00UTC, also happens to be the day when final
evaluations open.

Please consider this your reminder to submit your final evaluation by 20 
August at 19:00 UTC so that you don't delay your students' final payments.

You can find guidelines here: for the students and
a copy on the mentor's list for your reference.

Good luck

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