gMoney Personal Money Manager proposal

Damir Gilyazov nbdarvin at
Wed Apr 7 20:33:01 BST 2010

gMoney Personal Money Manager

The purpose of this project - to create new program for  personal
money management. This program allows the user to answer the
frequently asked questions like "How much money do I have?", "What
incomes and expenses are planned?", "What have I spent my money on?"
and many others. Key features will be HIG – compliance, easy-in-use,
full synchronization with Evolution, synchronization with Ubuntu One.

Benefits to OSS community:
 * New program that will be useful for users who are not professional
 * Well-integrated with GNOME environment personal money management software.
 * New member of developers' community (me).

Planned Features (in GSoC time):
 * Multi-account Handling, expense and income tracking, accounting of
money movement between different accounts and double transactions (for
example, cash to bank, from bank to cash). View of a current account
state or a account state at any chosen date. Credit bills. Passive and
active accounts.
 * Many currencies, convertation between currencies “on the fly”,
loading the rates of exchange from online services.
 * Categories (hierarchal tags) for transactions. Transaction's
filters by tags and time.
 * Scheduled transactions (phone/comms bills, salary, credit bills,
etc.). Regular scheduled transactions. Confirming scheduled
 * Synchronization scheduled transactions with Evolution's Calendar.
 * Profiles (for example, “My money”, “My very small business's
money”). Profiles' management.
 * Synchronization with Ubuntu One.
 * Reports. Specials reports' forms. Special useful reports' forms.
 * User can set the minimal amount of money that can be in his account.
 * HIG – compliance.

Planned Features (after GSoC time):
 * Full integration with Evolution (Evolution's plugin):
 * Linking transactions' tag or one transaction with Evolution's contact.
 * Creation scheduled transactions from Evolution's Calendar.
Confirming scheduled transactions in Evolution's Calendar.
 * Print bills by templates.
 * Export profiles to OO Calc.
 * OFX/QIF export/import.
 * Smart consulting functions: for example, calculation accumulations.
 * Synchronization with popular Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone,
Symbian and Palm OS money managers.

Technical aspects:
I would develop program using pygtkmvc framework. All data will be
saved in sqlite database through SQLObject.

April 26: start work
April 27 – May 9: concreting all functions, make full HIG – compliance
GUI prototype
May 10 – May 18: determine program's and database's architecture
May 18 – May 24: familiarize myself with pygtkmvc toolkit
May 24: all preparations done; start coding
May 25 – June 2: (9 days) draft “kernel”: database, transactions, reports.
June 3 – June 4: (2 days) kernel testing/debugging
June 5 – June 11: (1 week) draft GUI
June 12 – June 13: (2 days) GUI testing/debugging
June 14 – June 20: (1 week) adding base features, such as multiply
profiles, planned transaction
June 21 – June 23: (3 days) Testing. debugging base features.
Add features:
June 24 – June 28: (5 days) Loading rates of exchange from online services
June 29 – July 7: (9 days) Reports
July 8 – July 21: (2 weeks) Synchronization with Evolution's Calendar
July 22 – July 30: (9 days) Synchronization with Ubuntu One
July 31: (1 day) Beautiful icons :)
August 1 – August 9: Testing all application. Debugging. Resolving
performance issues. Writing full documentation.
August 9: application done
August 9 – August 16: Testing application to HIG compliance, testing
usability on friends/relatives/community. Small interface

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