GSoC Proposal: Creating Wubi migration to a dedicated partition

Atish Bhattacharya atish.2006 at
Sun Apr 4 10:20:29 BST 2010


I am Atish Bhattacharya, a 2nd year undergrad of Instrumentation Engineering
at IIT Khargapur, India. I find the project idea of allowing migration of
Wubi installations to separate partitions useful and interesting. This could
be a very productive addition to ubiquity and make life simple for (maybe
first time) users who used wubi, but want to continue with their current
installation on a full fledged separate partition.
Looking forward to all kinds of feedback from mentors, fellow students and
anyone with ideas. If there is sufficient interest I'll put up a wiki with a
full project road map in a day.

Thanks for reading

Atish Bhattacharya
2nd year, Instrumentation Engg
IIT Kharagpur
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