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Thanks for the reply.

About timevalt:
A snapshot is a copy of a directory at a certain point in time. Snapshots
don't use space for the files that haven't changed but instead simply add a
link to the same data on disk. When a file (link) is deleted, the link count
for the data on disk is decremented. When it reaches 0 the data is marked
free in the allocation table and new data can then be written to those
blocks. As most allocations of data have only 1 file that links to them data
is usually freed when its file is deleted.

Which is i think just adds an extra pointer. once partition is crashed
everything is gone.
And I am not sure what kind of facility it provides to user?
For example, like user can define the time and periods to take backups.
except that,  support for backup and restoration for dvd is also important.

I will go through the bup.

Ideas listed here:
I found this is the requirement and I will try to provide solution for this
in a
useful way.

On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 8:26 PM, Anirudh Sanjeev
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> Hi,
> Excerpts from Priyanka Sharma's message of Sat Apr 03 23:35:29 +0530 2010:
> > This Utility would be very useful for Ubuntu users.Ubuntu currently lacks
> a
> > tool such
> > as this, and hence a user a user-friendly front-end to the tool would
> help
> > the non-technical
> > users in performing simple backups and rollback to their system(may be
> > similar to time machine).
> I believe there is such a tool:
> Although I'm not sure how much activity exists on that.
> And I'm sure every red blooded Linux user tried to build a backup system
> once. I worked on a project myself called Project Sauron, which aimed to do
> most of the things you're suggesting, it used git backing up changes
> periodically on specified files, and providing the ability to jump to any
> specified point by reverting a specific file to the commit.
> You might find more luck with bup - a system that uses git packfile format
> for backing up:
> Which is actually written in python.
> Thanks,
> Anirudh
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