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杨杰 xtyangjie at
Thu Apr 1 15:28:32 BST 2010

Hello, everyone!

I am Yang Jie, a MSc student from China. I found Ubuntu-GSoC some days ago
and feel quite interested in this activity. I am especially interested in
the project of GNOME centralized file sharing administration and find it a
good opportunity for me to contribute to the Ubuntu Foundation, so I want to
apply for this project.

It has been 3 years since I had chosen Ubuntu as my major OS due to its
humanized and convinence( of course, another important reason is that it's a
Linux OS). During the 3 years, I had got some opportunities to handle some
administration tasks based both on Ubuntu Server & Desktop Edition, when I
contributed a file server with samba & nfs, so I have had some basic
knowledge about samba. Additional, my group do researches mostly on Linux,
so I think I am fit for this job.

But there are still some problems to learn from you developers, mainly
because of lack of my knowlege.
1. Should I develop a GUI for this module or could it integration with
gnome? What information should I read to get start with it gui? I mean,
should I learn CObject or is it free to use other languages or libraries?
2. I want to implement both Samba and NFS shares. Besides the setup of their
configuration files, what more should I do when implement the functions?
3. What should I submit as a completed job, and how should I publish my
distribution? In my opinion, the source and binary files should be uploaded
and a documentation is necessary, and it may be a good choice to make a deb

Your reply will considerably encourage me. Once get the answer, I will run
with my prepare for the project, and complete and submit my proposal within
2 days. I will try my best to give a humanized file sharing administration
tool with quality, as my contribution to Ubuntu.

Thank you!

Best wishes!

Yang Jie(杨杰)

Group of CLOUD, Xi'an Jiaotong University
Department of Computer Science and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University

PHONE: 86 1346888 3723
TEL: 86 29 82665263 EXT. 608
MSN: xtyangjie2004 at

once i didn't know software is not free; then i knew it days later; now i
find it indeed free.
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