Mnemosyne - Revision Controlled Directories

Lois Desplat lois.desplat at
Wed May 2 18:54:52 BST 2007


Martin B. wrote:
> That's an interesting project indeed! Good luck with it!
> For bzr branches, you can use launchpad hosting as well - see Help tab
> at .

Thank you for hint. I did not know you could host it directly on launchpad
and will be doing that then since it is much easier on me.

Thanks to all of you for responding. If you're curious, I choose the name
Mnemosyne because in Greek Mythology she was the personification of memory.
Since the project allows you to revert back to previous changes and see
previous revisions of files I thought it would fit very well. It might not
be the easiest to pronounce though but at least it's a cool name :)

Krzysztof Lichota wrote:
> I do not see how it can be done, I only see importing from CVS/SVN.
> Anyone has some experience with it and can explain how to do it?

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