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My name is Lois Desplat. I am a 21 year old student living in San Jose, CA
attending San Jose State University. I have been involved with open source
before on OGRE ( ). I am going to be graduating this
December with a BS in Software Engineering.

I am excited to have my proposal for this Summer of Code accepted and I look
forward to implementing it.

I have already set up a launchpad project ( and am still setting up bzr on my
server at . This is a very busy time for me so
do not expect anything until around May 25.

Mnemosyne is a project that allows for revision controlled home directories
as well as directories such as /etc. A daemon auto-commits files when they
are changed or on a time basis or per user request. By default, it uses the
Bazaar Version Control System as its backend. The project includes
integration with Nautilus for easy reverting back to previous versions and
finding differences between files. It also includes a graphical program that
allows for configuring the program such as choosing a different version
control system such as SVN. It also includes a command line program that
allows for configuration, and usage of the application so that it can be
used on systems such as ubuntu-server that have no GUI. The project is
mostly coded in Python with a little of C++ if it needed to interface with
another application.

Martin Pitt who is my mentor asked me to also post my tentative schedule for
the project here. So here it is:

Tentative Schedule:
Until May 25: Set up bzr as well as SVN to work under the /home directory as
well as the /etc directory. Look at any problems that occur and find/discuss
solutions with the community.
May 25– May 31: Make a proper design for all the applications/prototype.
June 1 – June 15: Write the daemon and create test suites.
June 16 – June 30: Write the command line interface and fix any problems
that show up in the integration.
July 1 – July 9: Create .deb packages. Fix any issues that have cropped up
and get community feedback. From that point on, .deb packages will be
updated near daily.
July 10- July 27: Create the GUI application. It will take time to make it
user friendly. Integrate with Nautilus.
July 27 – August 20: Create final .deb packages. Look at what can be done to
make it part of the Ubuntu OS. Fix any issues that are found by the

Thanks to all of you,

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