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Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik.omma at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 14:29:20 BST 2007


Just wanted to get some input on selecting accessibility projects. Or,
basically: how are we doing for student places this year?

There hasn't been a flood of accessibility related applications, but three
of them have been quite good. I'm pleased that Gerd who wanted to do a mouse
gestures project is happy to re-focus on the mouse tweaks spec. This has
been worked on for a long time by frafu, an active community member and user
of special mouse hardware. It will need to be tightened up of course.

Then, I have two excellent applications from strong candidates to work on
the Zoom and colour features of Beryl. They are both core developers in the
Beryl project (and hopefully soon of Compiz). I'm tempted to splitt that
project into a Zoom-with-focus-tracking and a colour-enhancement project and
offer one to each. I think it would be positive for both ubuntu and beryl to
get some more focus on actual useful features and closer collaboration.

So, what do other's think? Can we do 3 access projects in this year's GSoC?
If anyone wants to mentor or co-mentor any of these, let me know :)


ps. the ISO testing application looked promising, but I'll drop that because
a communitymember has gone and implemented half of it in just a week, and
look set to wrap it up by next week :)
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