[Ubuntu-SG] upstart help?

Ravi Mohan faileas.greywolf at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 22:55:01 UTC 2010

I'm currently planning on setting up lucid lynx on my new personal server.
On my old one, i'm using init.d to start my ipv6 tunnel provider -
(gogo6/free6 - they're the only one that'll work behind a nat, and work in
singapore ;p). I'm trying to set up a similar setup with upstart (which has
some advantages - such as restarting the script if it goes down).

at the moment i can invoke this from command line- i want it to
automatically start after my networking is up, but before apache would- as
is, i think it starts before netwowking does. Can someone tell me what i
need to change?

console none

start on startup

stop on shutdown

exec /usr/local/gw6c/bin/gw6c -f /usr/local/gw6c/bin/gw6c.conf
emit free6_ipv6_started
end script
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