[Ubuntu-SG] Software Freedom Day plans

Nick HS nickhs at ubuntu.com
Sun Sep 6 02:33:31 UTC 2009

On Sunday 06,September,2009 05:27 AM, Muhammad Heidir wrote:
> hi Nick,
>  From what I understand from Billy, we are going to setup a very simple booth. Billy is going to sit down and play games on his laptop or something. I can provide a netbook(Asus EeePC) and a laptop(Dell XPS M1330). Here are the configuration:
> - Netbook with Netbook Remix
> - Laptop created with guest account for users to play with

I can bring along a 22" screen and my laptop as well. Unfortunately I 
don't think I have a HDMI (laptop) -> DVI (monitor) cable. I'd be happy 
to install whatever onto the laptop

> - 1 Switch (if somebody is able to setup a system to share the Internet connection on the switch, most helpful)

I have a new Linksys WRT54G wireless router (the flashable model) 
hanging around, I'd be happy to flash dd-wrt or tomato or whatever onto 
it and bring it on the day, but I have no idea how to setup internet 
sharing with it :)

> Other stuff which I am also helping,
> - printing of brochures 200pcs each
> 	* Guide Brochure | Preview Page 1 Preview Page 2| Source - Brochure-Guide.tar.gz
> 	* Handout Brochure | Preview | Source - Brochure-Handout.tar..gzI will be there in the morning until 1200hrs, I have to attend class at 1300hrs which ends around 1600hrs. Will try to reach NLB as soon as possible. Billy definitely needs help in between 1200hrs to 1630hrs. I'm getting my fiance to help out, but it is Hari Raya Eve, she could be busy the whole day.
Okay, I also have 50 generic [1] Ubuntu leaflets from Canonical and 20 
or so sticker sheets I'd be happy to bring as well as 5 t-shirts

I'm happy to come early on the day, but I doubt I'll be much use besides 
setting up my own computer, please shout out if you need me, or any of 
the equipment.

Thanks Nick


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