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Muhammad Heidir dave33bravo at yahoo.com.sg
Thu Oct 29 05:45:21 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-10-29 at 12:15 +0800, frasirchan at gmail.com wrote:
> Following Gov web are Firefox friendly: HDB Immigration Un-friendly Gov web
> site: One-Motoring {consider this Gov because LTA services are here}

Most of the government websites are unfriendly because they tend to use
ASP or ASP.NET to power their websites.

To ask them to convert to PHP or some thing else is a big problem,
because their infrastructure already revolve around it. The only way is
to make them follow strict W3C/HTML standards.

And it is not just government websites, even most educational instuition
website, namely UniSIM (http://www.unisim.edu.sg). Even worse, they love
to open pop ups whenever a link is clicked. I have already given
feedback but still no reply or response.

But the best i've seen are the banks website. Once you tell them to fix,
they will get it fixed. (From others experience). So far, I have no
issue with POSB Internet Banking within Firefox and notably Ubuntu.

Is there a way to make the government listen to citizens? Or should the
citizens just listen and get crapped by the government? Maybe I sound
political here, but its the tax payers money, we deserve something,

Best Regards,
Muhammad Heidir

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