[Ubuntu-SG] Firefox-friendly SG Govt websites

kohsuhaw at gmail.com kohsuhaw at gmail.com
Sun May 31 14:09:07 UTC 2009

Earlier I wrote:
 >I recall that a few years ago, many SG Govt websites were IE-only websites.
 >Recently, via anecdotal evidence, it appears the situation has improved
 >considerably. Has anybody compiled a list of browser-agnostic SG Govt
 >websites ? If not, I think we can consider doing up something along those
K Sitt suggested:
 >Yes, I think its a good idea. Its been a pain in the neck being forced to
 >use IE for the Gov sites. May be we can list it down in the forum?
So here goes: SingPass and CPF: I found both of them very web-browser
agnostic. No problems surfing their websites on all the browsers and
platforms. IRAS: They used to be IE-centric but noticed that this is no
longer the case in recent years.

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