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Muhammad Heidir dave33bravo at yahoo.com.sg
Tue May 26 23:05:39 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 22:11 +0800, Alain Michael Janith wrote:
>  Hi,
>  I switched on the WIFI but still it wont work. Same as before... How
> do I post it on the thread?
> what other Ideas do you have? I saw in a thread that Dell XPS M1530
> works out of the box for Ubuntu 9.04 
> pls. help
> Thanks 
> Janith 

Hi Janith,

1) When system boots up, Press F2. Go into the BIOS Setup, check if the
Wireless LAN is enabled.

2) There is an option for the WI-FI catcher button or something, there
are a few options, BT and WiFI, BT Only, WiFi Only, BT, WiFI and Cell.
Personally, I chose BT and WiFi.

3) Save settings and exit.

4) When you are in the desktop. Check that the blue LED near your F7
button is lighted up. There should be the Bluetooth light and WiFi
light. if You are unsure, press the Caps Lock button, you will see the
blue LED lighted up. The WiFi light should light up.

5) If it doesn't, on the top right hand corner, right click on the
Network Manager and uncheck Enable Wireless and then check it again.
This usually works for me.

6) If it still doesn't, then do this: 
#sudo lspci > hw.txt
attach this file or copy and paste the contents and post it to the forum
so that the rest of the team can take a look.

FYI: I am using Dell XPS 1330.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Heidir

Multiply:doksg | Yahoo!:dave33bravo
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