[Ubuntu-SG] Investing/Trading Tools for Linux

Billy AM billy at ubuntu.sg
Sun May 10 02:35:12 UTC 2009

Hi Peeps ,

                 Linux/Ubuntu is not just for geeks but also for making
serious money in the market. Here are some of the tools I found in case some
of us here would like to become a daytrader.

- QTStalker - a charting and technical analysis tool. Its in the repos so
just do apt-get install and you are set.

- VMWare - sad to say but most serious trading platforms come only for win.
So for some software , vmware is a must.
- Zeroline Trader - This trading software is available for win/lin/mac ...
and has package for Ubuntu specifically.

Currently , I am using two web platforms. POEMS and Optionsxpress. So far ,
I have no problem with both their web-based trading tools. If I find a much
better tool , I will update you guys. Or if you know any , pls share with
us. Cheers!

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