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Hello suhaw,

I am not too sure about the differences in that regard but I understand that they do operate under different systems of law.

And the context is probably different too, like there wasn't any other alternatives but windows and such. (but I heard they do offer OSless laptops at some parts of the world)

Anyways, an easy way out is to buy around that OS, EeePC has windowless version though others are hard to get by. 

If u r suggesting a group to get back the refund, it would be an interesting show to watch. And will probably generate some publicity too. (beware of big guys with deep pockets)


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Hi K Sitt,

You are hit the nail on the head when you wrote that it takes a lot of
trouble to claim back the money.

But what if similar such instances were pooled together ?  The effort would
be the same and one-time.  It is probably too much effort and time-consuming
to do it for just one licence, but individuals with same problem were to
assign their rights to a common pool or something...

That is also probably why EU laws made it easier for the non-Windows user to
get the refund which is afterall rightfully his.



2009/5/7 K Sitt <k at sitt.com.sg>

> Suhaw,
> I remember the case in europe. The guy had gone through a lot to trouble to
> claim back his money for OS he didn't want but installed on his laptop.
> -wrote in a few times to M$ for refund
> -went through small claim tribunal and consumer association as well as
> court action before he got it back.
> If u r serious enough you can probably try that in Singapore too. ;) not
> that its impossible. I am not too sure about legal details tho. But they are
> relying on the "End User License Agreement" (which you rejected when you
> clicked no) and the consumer protection act (which Singapore also have).
> Rgds.
> K
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> Will never happen here.
> 2009/5/6 suhaw koh <kohsuhaw at gmail.com>
> > Just read in a comment in Blog of Helios that in Europe there is a law
> > requiring PC manufacturers to offer users the option to reject the
> > pre-installed OS on the 1st screen.  And if you click No, they have to
> give
> > a refund.
> >
> > Can we get our lawmakers interested in passing a similar law ?
> >
> > Just thinking aloud ... :-)
> >
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