[Ubuntu-SG] Starting a collection of tips for newbs for after they install jaunty...

David Widder daveco-inc at hotmail.com
Tue May 5 04:17:06 UTC 2009

This is the first Draft, tell me what you think: and add to it if you want.

Things to prefect Ubuntu after installing Jaunty Jackalope


Install the package ubuntu-restricted-extras to play flash,
like youtube, as well as being able to play mp3 and wma files.


            sudo apt-get install


Install Gnome-Do, a great time saving program that allows
you to launch programs with specific parameters, for example, you might select
a word, launch it with the key combination <super> (windows logo) and
space, and type “define” and it will guess that you want to define the text
that you selected. If it got it wrong, then you press the down arrow, and it
will give you more things to do with the thing that you selected. It can also
be used as a simple program launcher. Follow this link, and click on “Download”
in the top right. Once it downloads, install it and try it out by pressing
<super> space. After you install, you should enable all of the add-ons by
typing preferences in to Gnome-Do, and in the tab “Add-ons” enable all of the
add ones in the dropdown box, and then tick all of the boxes, or just enable
the ones you are likely to use.




Make Firefox obey jaunty's new notification's system by
installing the ad-on from the below link. You must make sure that you tick the
box “let me install this experimental add-on” then click “add to Firefox”,
restart firefox, and watch as that pesky and ugly “all downloads are complete”
notification slides nicely in to Jaunty's awesome new click-through
notification system.




If you are using Ubuntu on a small screen, you might want to
use a more compact theme. Download one of the two files on the screen, one uses
standard icons and compacts the rest of the interface, the other uses smaller


Get it here http://martin.ankerl.com/2008/11/04/human-compact-themes-for-ubuntu-810/


After you install, you must run this to make the theme apply
for applications that run as root also.


  sudo cp /home/username/.themes/Human\ Compact/gtk-2.0/gtkrc /root/.gtkrc-2.0


If you live in Singapore, the default Bit-Torrent Client
will not work by default. Go to add/remove in the Applications menu, uncheck “Transmission”,
and tick “Deluge” and click apply, and you will have uninstalled Transmission,
and replaced it with Deluge, a great Bit-Torrent that works well in Singapore. 


Even though Jaunty vastly improves the boot speed, there are
ways to make it go faster. When you start up your computer, you should see
something that says “press ESC to enter grub”. What the hell is grub and why
would I want to enter it? Well, it is the boot loader that can help you boot
into recovery mode, and if you have other operating systems installed, then
this is where you chose which one to boot. Back to the point, you can make your
boot faster by pressing “e” in the grub menu while you have the default
selection highlighted, and then after you press “e” press it again in the new
menu. You should have a cursor, and you need to type the word “profile”, and
that will help the computer realize what is needed to boot to make the boot go
more efficiently.


By David Widder

© DaveCo Inc

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