[Ubuntu-SG] Team Ubuntu Site prepped for Ubuntu Live! Workshop at NUS

C David Rigby c.david.rigby at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 02:22:24 GMT 2009

Greetings FOSS-fans,

I have created the page to support the Ubuntu Live! workshop on the Team
Ubuntu Singapore site, along with some related infrastructure.

Please check out the page directly at this link:


The page is published and the summary is promoted to the front page.
Advise me ASAP of any errors you spot.

For the TUSG folks receiving this email, note that I have done the

1. I have activated the contact form. You can visit it directly at:
http://ubuntu.sg/contact . It has two options on the Category pull-down
menu, the workshop and feedback. Emails to "feedback" are routed to
enquiries at ubuntu dot sg. Someone please test that. Enquiries about
the workshop are routed directly to me. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you wish
to receive these enquiries yourself. They can be routed to any email

2. I have added a link to the contact form to the navigation menu that
is visible to any site visitor.

3. I have authorized anonymous users to use the contact form page. Yes,
it is a spam risk, and I'll set up CAPTCHA for that as soon as I get a
chance. However, a form is a friendly and easier way for anyone to
contact us, so I want to allow anonymous users to access it.

4. I have added a block to the left side bar, at the top, announcing the
workshop. The link there goes to the workshop's page on the TUSG site.

5. I have re-arranged the blocks on the left side bar to put the
Navigation menu and User Login blocks above the active forum topics.
This just seems more logical to me. let's try to keep the navigation
menu as light as possible, but I felt having the contact form right up
front would make it easier for visitors.

Ultimately, I would like to go to a left and right sidebar theme for the
site. Thus, event announcements, navigation and user login would be on
the left, and active topics, who's online, feeds could go on the right.
However, I don't want to worry about it today!

Your thoughts, please?


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