[Ubuntu-SG] Minutes of Ubuntu Workshop prep meeting, Monday 2 March 2009 15:00 @ NUS

Kheng Hui Yeo icedwater at gmail.com
Tue Mar 3 07:35:57 GMT 2009

Hello everyone,

following a meeting on IRC last night, the linuxNUS core team has
arrived at a decision that we could take over the registration process
for this event if needed, seeing as manpower in Ubuntu-SG is currently
at a premium, and the participant list is more likely to be dominated
by NUS students. If this is all right with you, we will set up the
Google Docs on our end and keep TUSG and Computing Club (through
Fucai) updated as to the number of registrants.

Publicity efforts can be conducted in tandem on our respective
websites and mailing lists as necessary.

Looking forward to the event already! Let's make this a good one.

Best regards,
Kheng Hui

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