[Ubuntu-SG] how to convert rpm -> deb

Nick HS nickhs at ubuntu.com
Wed Jun 24 11:32:47 BST 2009

On Wednesday 24,June,2009 05:47 PM, SAMPATH KALLURI wrote:
> Hi Ubuntu team,
> It's nice meeting you all here. J
> Kindly help me in resolving an issue.
> How to convert .rpm package to .deb package without using alien.
> Actually I have the source to build in .src.rpm format, I know how to 
> build .rpm file from this source but I don't know how to build in debian.
> Waiting for solution... help me out
> Regards
> S at m

Hi S at m,

The only way to convert a .rpm (even a source one) into a .deb is to use 
alien. The other alternative is to build your own .deb from the source. 
If the .deb is just for internal/personal use then you might want to use 
checkinstall to create it, however there are many caveats with 
checkinstall and it may not function correctly.

Thanks Nick
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