[Ubuntu-SG] Slogan suggestion for SFD Ubuntu CD giveaways

Billy AM billy at ubuntu.sg
Mon Aug 31 01:15:15 UTC 2009

Its ok dude. I know you are very busy this time around. 3rd week of Sept is
also when SIM-UOL reopens so I myself be busy as well that week. Hopefully I
didn't fail any last year :P Results coming out tomorrow London time. Oh ya
, you still got the banners design last year right? Can we still ask for you
help with it? I think for this year we just go minimal with just me. I just
sit and play games I suppose.


On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 11:52 PM, Muhammad Heidir
<dave33bravo at yahoo.com.sg>wrote:

> Hi Billy,
> I will try to be present for the event in the morning. I have class at 1300
> hrs.
> i thought David is back in US. How do you intend to get the banner? Do you
> need me to help out with anything?
> Sorry for this abrupt email. I am so busy, I do not have enough time to
> volunteer myself. I wish to help out with some thing that does not take a
> lot of time. Really really sorry.
> Best Regards,
> Muhammad Heidir
> Yahoo!: dave33bravo | Multiply: doksg
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> That reminds me. Do we have CDs at all? I have 20 CDs although I asked for
> 200 :P And you guys know which day we will be on right? I have last year
> posters. The standing banner with David I believe.
> regards
> Billy
> Oh yah "An OS that fits *your* needs" would do nicely. In any case , we
> will have to print handouts/brochures, Maybe I ask FOSA about this.
> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 10:09 PM, Ravi Mohan <faileas.greywolf at gmail.com>wrote:
>> On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 7:10 PM, Alain Michael Janith <
>> janith.schroter at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> The problem is there is not much  compatible hardware for Linux Ubuntu.
>>> And sometimes complicated to install.....
>>> Thanks
>>> Janith
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>>> Its not as bad as it used to be. Linux supports hardware (and since a lot
>> of systems are based off basic 'platforms' - especially portable systems),
>> and its gotten much better. Also, with a livecd or live usb, you can test
>> hardware *before* you actually get a box running (or better yet, check out
>> the HCL, and get parts that work). With wider commercial use of linux, and
>> many systems based off similar platforms (centrino, atom, ion etc) the
>> situation is likely to get even better.
>> I've found, barring unusual install situations, (and i had some ) that the
>> sheer choice you have with ubuntu/linux installs (minimal cd, netboot,
>> wubi/image install and your plain vanilla live cd and installer cd methods)
>> tends to mean there's something that works. In my lan, i have one vector
>> linux box (ubuntu wouldn't run on it)- a PIII 700 with 128 mb of ram, a old
>> PIII 450 with 640 mb of ram i use as a web/irc server running jaunty, and my
>> daily use box running kubuntu jaunty (with kde 4.3).
>> "An OS that fits *your* needs" sounds like a good slogan to me ;p
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