[Ubuntu-SG] Request for ubuntuforums group name

Rui Boon ruiboon at gmail.com
Sun Jun 1 19:20:53 BST 2008

Chew EK wrote:
> hi friends
> I am going to go ahead and create a group anyway.  Once it's done, I 
> will post a link for anyone interested in joining.
> But I decided not to simply called it "Singapore group", for reasons 
> which I prefer not to go into right now.
> Anyways, if you have suggestion on a name, please feedback.  I will 
> wait a couple of days before proceeding.  I'm leaning towards The 
> Kiasu group, lol.  (basically I'm lame when coming up with a name).
> regards
> Chew
> P.S. In my previous post, I meant rykel, not ryker.  Apologies to 
> rykel for the mistake.
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hi friends

I have been away for a seminar, thus have not been able to give a prompt 

+1 from me. I would also prefer to name it other than the "Singapore 
group". "The Kiasu group" seems like a good idea. As a STB official 
might put it, Uniquely Singapore!

To me, posting in a mailing list and posting in a forum is different. 
Thus a lack of activity here might not necessarily mean that the forum 
idea will not work out. In fact, it is a good idea. Furthermore, if 
people are already a ubuntuforum  user, there is no addition 
registration needed. Lets see how it work out.

 From what I have observed, there has been some singaporean in various 
part of the ubuntu community. Personally, i know of some people in irc, 
helping others in support, others in bugs and forums. Good job and keep 
it up !


Rui Boon

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