[Ubuntu-SG] Google Docs as TUSG's document storage and collaborative tool

Rui Boon ruiboon at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 17:24:41 BST 2008

Hi All

During the meeting, we have observed that though there are many
documents flying around, there is no centre area to keep track of
them. As such, we have identified and tested the usage of google docs
as our documents repos. (This explains the [Ubuntu-SG] tes (Google
Docs) and [Ubuntu-SG] leaflet_hadenough_beta.pdf emails)

To share files with the team, please upload it to your google doc
first. Then under the 'Share' tab, invite the team using the ubuntu-sg
mailing list address (ubuntu-sg at lists.ubuntu.com), making sure that
"Invitations may be used by anyone" checkbox is checked. Viola! Now
everyone here can edit and review the files online in a systematic
manner. Just treat it as a wiki as most changes can be reverted.


Rui Boon

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