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> Rykel™ (Aen™) wrote:
> > So there are TWO meetings next week?
> >
> > I can make it for one of them so once Muhammad confirms, I should be
> > able to make it there.
> >
> > btw when is Software Freedom Day again and what are we supposed to do
> > on that day? Man a booth?
> >
> > Sorry I had been swarmed with 100+ daily emails that demand my
> > attention...
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> Hi Rykel
> There will only be one meeting this week. It is either on 26 August 2008
> (Tue) or on 28 August 2008 (Thurs). Heidir will let us know the exact
> one on Monday.
> The Software Freedom Day 08 will be on 20 September (Sat) at SMU. The
> organiser has allocated a booth to us, but we have yet to decide the
> exact things that we are doing. This will be discussed in the upcoming
> meeting.
> Cheers
> Rui Boon
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Ya, and sorry all, I can't attend both meeting, but remember to update me.

I will make myself available on actual day to help. And for preparation you
all can include me.
If I remembered correctly, the theme is leaning towards consumers market for
ubuntu during this SFD rather than enterprise.

I want to give a bit of suggestion on that.

1) For consumers themed, we need to address and attract various users
especially home users to ubuntu. I just thought of showcase Frets on Fire,
which is a clone of guitar hero. It is cross-platform and looks pretty
attractive. It's not ubuntu exclusive, but it's a start. Else it'll be a
boring booth ya. Of cos compiz fusion can be shown, but someone should
control it(I'm not sure if there's any script to do so), some compiz fusion
showcase video in youtube might not be too clear on full screen.

2) It's good to provide good experience for the crowd and for ourselves at
the booth, rather than make it like commercial showcase. It's only less than
one day event, please make it as successful as possible as I don't think
there's guarantee next year there's SFD.

3) It's good to draft out a common set of Q&A, and also promotion speech, to
standardise a bit for those who will be manning the booth. Or else some
might go to too detail on non-technical users, or some might not know how to
answer certain questions well.

4) Standard calendar cards are what I proposed last time in my club. It
is to let people know about our club as they can keep the calendar for long.
Since school academic year start during second half of year, it's
impractical to this scenerio as SFD is in Sept near to the end of the year
unless we include full 2009 calendar in.
Hmm, name card for Team Ubuntu on SFD with or without calendar, I wonder
it's practical or not,
Maybe it's up to all to decide.

Okay so far, that's what I think.
Go Team Ubuntu SG Go

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